Business Selling Fried Tomatoes

Business Selling Fried Tomatoes

Business Selling Fried Tomatoes

Fried tomatoes using eggs can be an option for selling at breakfast time. The capital is very cheap and has a very large estimated cash back.

The Spicy Egg Fried Tomato Recipe is an egg creation with a blend of fresh tomatoes on top. Eggs are one of the ingredients that must be stocked. Apart from being easy to make into a cooking menu, anyone likes it with a delicious taste. This fried tomato egg menu can be an alternative to Mother's daily dishes.

Spicy Fried Egg Tomato Recipe


3 eggs

1 pack of Kobe White Seasoned Flour (70gr)

3 red tomatoes

1 pack of Kobe Pepper

right amount of oil

1 sachet of BonCabe level 10, Fried Onion flavour

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Steps : 

Step 1 Prepare a container. Break the egg. Add Kobe Pepper and 4 Tablespoons Kobe White Seasoned Flour. Stir well and set aside.

Step 2 Heat the oil on Teflon. Fry the tomatoes until half cooked while turning them over.

Step 3 Pour the egg mixture on top. Flatten the eggs. Flip the egg and sprinkle level 10 BonCabe on top.

Step 4 Remove and serve.

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