Don't Throw Tomato Seeds Away, Make Seeds with These 4 Steps

Make Seeds with These 4 Steps

Make Tomato Seeds with These 4 Steps

Do not throw away the tomato seeds that are not cooked immediately. Just try to use it as a seed and then plant it at home. The advantage of growing your own tomatoes at home is that you can get more organic fruit.

Tomato seeds need to be used as seeds before planting. That is, fresh tomato seeds should not be directly spread or planted. There is an important process that must be done in making tomato seeds.

1. Dry Tomato Seeds

Tomato seeds need to be placed in a flat plate or container. Then, let it dry for 2-3 days. If the tomato seeds are still wet, they are immediately planted, it will most likely be difficult to grow because there will be an ongoing decay process.

2. Clean the dry tomato seeds

Here we can choose good seeds. The trick, put the seeds in a container filled with water. If there are seeds floating, then they can be thrown away immediately because it indicates the seeds are not good. Take the sunken tomato seeds and then wash them again with running water.

3. Dry the Tomato Seeds Again

Here we can re-dry the tomato seeds under the hot sun for about a day. It can also be dried for 2-3 days at room temperature.

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4. Prepare Planting Media that Can Get Morning Sunlight

We can prepare a pot filled with soil and manure in a 1:1 ratio as a growing medium for tomatoes. Tomato seeds can be placed in a pot covered with a little soil. Put it in a place where it can get sunlight so it can sprout. When the sun is too hot, move the pot in a slightly shady place so the sprouts don't die from overheating.

If during cooking there are tomato seeds that are not processed, try using them as seeds to plant at home. It would be very pleasant if later we could enjoy the tomatoes we planted ourselves.

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