How to Choose Good Tomato Seeds

How to Choose Good Tomato Seeds

Steps How to Choose Good Tomato Seeds

Tomato is a type of vegetable plant which is famous for its abundant nutritional content. In addition, tomatoes can be processed into a variety of dishes, ranging from juices, sauces, garang tamarind accompaniments, and others. 

Apart from being made as a dish, it turns out that tomatoes also have good properties for treating facial skin, you know. The types of tomatoes themselves are very diverse, ranging from vegetable tomatoes, fruit tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and many more.

Tomatoes are fruit plants that are widely grown in all plains. Its age in one season is only 4 months. Tomato plants can grow in all media. Starting from paddy fields, dry fields, yards, to the limited yards of houses. Tomato plants can also be grown in very limited yards.

Cultivation of planting tomatoes can be through seeds with the method of fruit plants in pots (tabulampot). There are also some people who apply how to grow tomatoes with a hydroponic system.

To get tomato plants that are healthy and produce lots of fruit, we must understand choosing superior seeds. The way we need to determine in advance what type of tomato to plant. After that we can buy tomato seeds which are still tomato seeds which we can then sow ourselves at home.

The characteristics of quality tomato seeds are as follows:

-Seedlings come from really ripe fruit. 

-The selected fruit must be larger than the others. 

-The fruit does not have the slightest defect. 

-Choose tomato seeds that do not float when soaked.

The steps in selecting quality seeds are as follows:

The first thing you need to do is choose seeds that have a uniform growth period, meaning that once you spread the seeds, the plants can grow together. 

Next, you have to choose seeds that can withstand unpredictable climate change. 

Next, quality seeds are seeds that can grow faster than seeds. Ordinary Quality seeds are seeds that have many plant roots from primary roots or secondary roots. 

Choose plants that are resistant when moved to other lands can live because many new plants die easily when moved to other lands. 

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Quality plant seeds are seeds that can be resistant to disease or pest attacks.

After we get the tomato seeds, do the next cultivation stage. Sow the seeds on the seedling media. Depending on where the tomatoes will be cultivated. Can be in the yard soil, polybags or in pots.

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