How to Grow Tomatoes From Seeds Step by Step

How To Plant a Tomato Seed Step by Step

How To Plant a Tomato Seed Step by Step

Tomatoes are a fruit that can be a variety of foods, you guys. Tomatoes can be eaten directly or mixed into a dish.

Some people buy tomatoes directly at the nearest traditional market or supermarket. However, some people prefer to plant tomato plants directly where they live.

Tomato plants as plants that can be planted in hot places, you guys. Who would have thought that this round and red fruit could easily be planted in the house.

You can grow tomatoes straight from the seeds. After growing into seeds, you can move them outdoors.

The tools you need are also simple. While you're about to start farming, you'll need a shovel, gloves, a lamp (optional), and a fan (optional). As for the material, you will need tomato seeds, a small place with drainage holes, mixed soil, a pot with a height of 7 to 10 cm, and water.

Steps to grow tomato plants

There are many ways you can grow tomato plants, here. In order not to be mistaken, here Bubun please summarize the steps from The Spruce site.

1. Determine the tomato seeds

There are several types of tomatoes that you can plant, here. You are free to choose what type of tomatoes you want to cultivate. Even so, you still need to consider many things.

You need to look for tomato seeds that have organic qualities. Not only that, if your home area is a polluted area, you need to make sure the tomatoes you choose are of a strong and hard-wearing type.

2. Prepare a place

The soil used must be wet first, you guys. Because of this, many people will bury the ground first before being put into place.

Take the soil then give water. Keep adding water until the soil is wet but not soaked. Anyway, the ground should break when you poke it with your fingers.

If so, you can enter the soil into the place that has been prepared. Compact the soil finely until about 3 cm remains.

3. Plant tomato seeds

Prick the soil at least 1 cm in the ground, you guys. Next sprinkle two to three seeds into the hole. If so, you can cover the hole again with soil.

Gently pat the soil until the seeds can be firmly planted in the soil. You can spray the surface of the soil with water if it feels too dry.

At this stage, place the place in a warm location, you guys. Check your plants daily and make sure that the soil is still damp but not soggy. Generally they will turn into sprouts in about five to 10 days.

4. Maintain tomato seedlings

Keep your tomato seeds warm and moist, OK? Do not forget to give light from the lamp. Turn the plant if the light tends to be in one direction so that the warmth can be felt by the plant evenly.

After your tomato seeds have leaves, it's a sign that it's time for your plants to be fed. Give them any liquid fertilizer that can be used at least once a week. However, it should be diluted to 1/2 the amount referenced on the fertilizer package.

In fact, tomato plants will thrive in the wind. If you plant it indoors, you can use the help of a fan.

Give them at least an hour of wind a day. If not, you can also move your hand gently until the wind can be felt by the plant.

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5. Switch to a bigger place

If your tomato plants have reached about 5 to 7 cm in height and already have true leaves, it's a sign that it's time to move your plants to a bigger area.

Generally, a area of ​​7 to 10 cm is the best size for keeping your tomato plants. That said, you may have to switch it back to a bigger pot later.

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